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Dear authors!

One of the main goals of our publishing house is to provide an opportunity to convey to the scientific community the results of our research to both young professionals and leading scientists of the country.
We know that any research work is a great job that requires a lot of effort, time and sometimes material costs. But if the results of this hard work are not published, how will the scientific community find out about them? Will the results of your work have any value?

What is the purpose of the monograph?

The main goal of the monograph is to summarize the information currently available on the problem under study, to provide the scientific community with new hypotheses, theories and solutions that are new and have scientific value.
The publication of the monograph is a must for any degree. In fact, the monograph should reflect the content of the thesis submitted to the defense.
Also in the scientific environment there is a rule: to complete a long research paper with the publication of a monograph containing a description of the research methodology and the results obtained, as well as the interpretation of the results obtained.
However, the main goal of the monograph is to present the results of your hard work to the scientific community, to allow you to evaluate and compare the results of your research with the existing research in this area.

We are ready to publish a monograph.

"Scientific World" offers you a unique opportunity - to publish a monograph! Cooperating with us you get:
· Publication of a scientific monograph in the author's edition;
· The period of publication of the monograph is 15 days!
· Assignment of monograph ISBN;
· Placement on Amazon.com;
· The official author's contract for the publication of a monograph with the payment of the fee.
Your author's monograph will be placed on the world's largest electronic book sites, which will allow you not only to bring the results of your research to the general public, but also to improve the indicators of your scientific publication activity.


· The manuscript must be translated into English (or the original text will be replaced by English machine translation).
· The manuscript of the monograph should be one file in Microsoft Word format.
· At the beginning of the manuscript: title of the work; Full name of the author (c) in full; academic degree and title; place of work of the author (s); annotation; keywords (3-5 words); content
· Technical requirements for the monograph file:
The volume of the monograph must be at least 5 copyright sheets (1 copyright sheet - 40,000 characters)
1. Page parameters:
Page format - A4;
- top field - 5.9 cm;
- bottom field - 6.4 cm;
- left margin - 4.8 cm;
- right margin - 4.8 cm;
2. Headset text Times New Roman:
Font size - 10,5;
3. Paragraph indent - 1 cm:
single line spacing.

 We wish you a new discovery!