Taxes and taxation in Russia : textbook / N.N. Kosarenko.

Kosarenko, Nikolay Nikolaevich.
Taxes and taxation in Russia : textbook / N.N. Kosarenko. —
Riga : SCIENTIFIC WORLD, 2020. — 164 с.
ISBN 978-9934-8833-9-2
The book deals with theoretical and practical issues of taxation in
modern Russia in the conditions of market economy development. The General
characteristics of the country's tax system, its components, and the mechanism
of legal regulation of relations in the tax sphere are given. Special attention is
paid to the problems of tax control, tax violations and measures of legal
responsibility for their Commission in the Russian Federation.
For students, postgraduates and teachers of economic faculties of
higher education institutions, practitioners of financial authorities, as well as
for all those who are interested in tax problems in the Russian Federation.

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release:  06/20/2020
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